Hey Friend Color Bundle | Concord & 9th

Hello friends!

The day has finally come, I have officially started blogging about what I absolutely love doing! The goal of this blog is to share my ideas, tips and tricks, techniques, and everything in between. Along the way, I’ll be sharing thoughts on my favorite products and new releases, highlighting some of my fellow card designers/cardmakers, and making tutorials to share my creative card-making process.  


Yesterday I received the new Concord & 9th Ink Cubes and Cardstock Bundle from the July 2020 release. After all of the ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over the beautiful colors, I knew I had to create something new and fun so naturally I decided to use every color included! I can honestly say these are some of the most unique and vibrant colors I have seen. They are absolutely gorgeous and the possibilities are endless!

For this card, I wanted a clean background to frame the sentiment while adding in the color stripes at an angle to add dimension. To blend the transition, I lined the top of the colored strips with hearts made of color pairs.

I began by cutting each color into a 1/2 inch strip and gluing them in sequence onto a large piece of Neenah 110lb white cardstock and cut out an A2 sized card as the base. Although it takes a little longer, I like using glue for this process since I find it allows me to have a bit more wiggle room to make sure my placement is right and exactly how I like it.

I then cut a fresh white A2 sheet at an angle from the lower left corner to halfway up the right side and placed this over the base. This gave me a white background to center my sentiment while displaying every color below.
For my sentiment, I used the Hey Bestie stamp and die set - also from the July release. I die cut the largest size sentiment and frame and stacked three layers, stamping the top layer with black ink. (I often stack multiple layers to add depth and stability, a tip I picked up from Jennifer McGuire!)

For my dual-colored hearts, I used the leftover edges from the base card and die cut the pairs of strips with the smallest heart die. I lined the hearts on top of the respective colored strips and and propped them up using foam squares cut in half. For this step you can use just about any shape, I felt the hearts paired well with the multicolor theme. I plan on using this design for a bunch of holiday cards using different color combinations.

So there it is! A simple yet fun card that can brighten up just about anyones day. I highly recommend you check out these bundles and experiment with the beautiful color combinations.

♡ Dee


  1. Such a cool card!! Great post!! 💕💕

  2. I absolutely love the process. Sounds therapeutic. I need me a little set to start making some!

  3. Amazing such a beautiful simple and elegant card.. I love your out of box thinking.